ICU Core Meeting Minutes  4/11/2007

Mark Davis
Doug Felt
Deborah Goldsmith
Steven Loomis
Eric Mader
George Rhoten
Markus Scherer
Yoshito Umaoka
Andy Heninger (minutes)

Review of Prior Action Items

Development Status
Steven:  Initial version of Relative Dates checked in

Yoshito  3.6.1 for ICU4J, has completed cleanup, checked in on a branch in svn, will remain unchanged unless Eclipse raises new issues.  Will be in Eclipse 3.3 milestone 7, probably.

Unicode Conference Possible Presentations or Papers
Mark: suggests introduction to ICU presentation, and a "Using ICU" panel.
Markus:   "Using ICU with UTF-8" as a topic.
Mark: "How Google uses Unicode"
George:  ICU4J Charset, ICU4C Charset.  Mark suggests would be appropriate for tutorials.
Yoshito:  ICU4J in Eclipse is a possibility.
Mark:  Suggests an "ICU in use, real life experience" war stories type of panel.  Deborah will probably not be attending, but Apple will have a presence.

Action Items

Number Due Who Description
52 4/18 Yoshito Open a Trac ticket for ICU4J refactoring for better handling of deprecated warnings.  Carried Over from last week.