ICU Core Meeting  4/4/2007

Deborah Goldsmith
Steven Loomis
Eric Mader
Michael Ow
George Rhoten
Markus Scherer
Yoshito Umaoka
Andy Heninger  (scribe)


Prior Action Items.  All are complete
M1 Milestone Release
XLIFF  Proposal (Eric)
Deprecated Handling for ICU4J (Yoshito)


Milestone One status:  
SVN tagging of the M1 release is done.
There was a Build failure on W2K.  George has checked it out, says it is an issue with the build machine itself, not the ICU code.
Code Reviews, a few for M1 remain to be completed.
ICU4J,  errors appearing only with  Java6  have been not all been fixed, and excluded from the build.  

Deprecated Handling

Discussion of Yoshito's proposal for reducing the number of deprecated warnings in ICU4J encountered by developers.  Separate the core part of the tree from new or experimental API, keep in different JARs.

Do not make new packages.
No deprecated warnings go into the experimental APIs.
Primary goal: make the API package clean.

Individual functions could still cause warnings.  Try to move to the impl package when possible.  Can't get 100% of them, but can make things much better than they are now.

Yoshito will file a ticket, start work on a branch.


Eric is seeking feedback on his design for using XLIFF to represent ICU resources.   Proposal is out on the design mailing list.

Time Zone Data
Yoshito:  we have a automatic test to compare ICU results against Olson code results that can automatically run on each release of  a new update of Olson data.

Action Items
Number Due Who Description
51 4/11 Andy Announce milestone 1 on the Mailing Lists.  Include information on what is included.
52 4/11 Yoshito Open a Trac ticket for  ICU4J refactoring for better handling of deprecated warnings.