ICU Core Meeting Notes

March 14, 2007


Mark Davis
Deborah Goldsmith
Andy Heninger
Steven Loomis
Eric Mader
George Rhoten
Markus Scherer
Yoshito Umaoka
Ram Vishwanadha

Scribe:  Ram, Andy

  1. Review of Action Items
  2. M1 Milestone Status
  3. Deprecated Warnings
Trac Database Updates
Add a new custom field to the database, "Load", to indicate the intention of the contributing companies (IBM, Apple, Google) to contribute to the development of a feature.  String field.   Will hold the company data from Mark's Google shared spreadsheet.

!discuss.  !discuss was used with Jitterbug to flag bugs that needed design discussions.  With Trac, we will add !discuss in the keywords field for this purpose.

M1 Status
  (no notes)

Deprecated Warnings

Excessive numbers of deprecated warnings continue to be an issue for both developers and users of ICU.  Conflicting requirements for different classes of users make getting rid of them hard.  Large numbers of warnings tend to cause actual problems to be overlooked.
  1. Some completely internal classes can be moved to the impl package.
  2. Yoshito will prepare a document on the issues.

Action Items
Number Due Who Description
49 03/21/2007 Andy Add custom field to Trac tickets
50 03/28/2007 Yoshito Prepare document on the handling of deprecated warnings in ICU4J