ICU Core Meeting Notes

March 7, 2007

Mark Davis
John Emmons
Deborah Goldsmith
Andy Heninger
Eric Mader 
George Rhoten
Markus Scherer
Yoshito Umaoka
Ram Viswanadha

Action Items

Number Due Who Description
49 3/14/2007 Andy Incorporate the information from Google Spreadsheet into trac database. Add percentage and committed information.

Google SoC 

George inquired about the plans for Google Summer of Code program for ICU.
Mark said that ICU folks at Google are participating in the project and mentoring a few students.

M1 Status

Andy: All but 2 bugs are fixed. Massive failures were introduced due to new data coming into ICU from CLDR
March 16, 2007 is the planned freeze for M1, which will contain stable features and bug fixes.

CDRA and UTR 22 Naming


ICU encodes the release date of RP Map and TP Map files from CDRA in UCM file names according to UTR-22 naming scheme. CDRA has RP and TP files that may be released on the same day but may pertain to different Unicode versions. This causes ambiguous names to be produced for UCM files.
George proposes to:
  1.  Add Unicode version to the UCM file names
  2. Add files that contain least mapping to PUA in the default installation of ICU 


  1. Use Unicode version in UCM file names only where ambiguity exists
  2. The naming scheme and changes should be made in a backwards compatible way