ICU Core Meeting Notes

Feb 14, 2007

Mark Davis
John Emmons
Deborah Goldsmith
Andy Heninger
Eric Mader 
George Rhoten
Markus Scherer
Yoshito Umaoka
Ram Viswanadha

Action Items

Number Due Who Description
45 02/21/2007 Mark Talk to Vladimir about RandomCollationTest failures
46 02/21/2007 Ram Submit a bug for TestPropertyAcess and assign to Markus
46 02/21/2007 Ram Submit a bug for Transliterator RoundTrip Test .

Reorganize ICU Website

Andy gave update on the status of ICU Website re-organization.


  1. Should URLs be published sans www?
  2. Use relative links instead of absolute links?


  1. Yes. source, bugs & demos should remain to be the primary names to demarcate their functions. We can point these to other servers later if needed.
  2. Use relative links for intra-site links and use absolute links to point to, etc.

Nickel Rounding


Nickel rounding is used in Switzerland in retail industry but not in banking. ICU needs APIs to deal with this situation


  1. Use a variant tag for representing nickel rounding
  2. Use a variant locale
  3. Add API to get different instance of the formatting object
  4. Add API for setting the rounding instance


  1. For C add unum_openAltCurrencyInstance() method that takes an enum param denoting the type
  2. For C++ add createCurrencyInstance() overload that takes an enum param denoting the type
  3. For Java add getCurrencyInstance() overload that takes an enum param denoting the type

API Design Questions


Add methods to UnicodeSet that given a string and a length returns an indices that indicate which part is in the set and which part is not.
  1. What should the name be?
  2. Should we add 4 methods with true/false parameter or 8 methods with true/false parameter ?
  3. Use Enums instead of boolean parameters


  1. Markus to send out a mail with possible names and we can decide on icu-core list
  2. Add 4 functions
  3. Use Enums instead of boolean parameters

ICU4J Test Failures


The recent change in version number of ICU4J triggered test failures that were time bombed earlier. We need to decide what should be done with these tests.


  1. Move ExemplarSets for Transliterator RoundTrip tests to CLDR tests
  2. Ram and Mark to work together on fixing the  Transliterator RoundTrip tests

Proposal for ICU4J 3.6.1 Release

Yoshito proposed a maintenance release of ICU4J which will contain the following fixes:
  1. DateFormat performance fixes
  2. Bug fix for UResourceBundle threading issue
  3. Update the timezone data to 2007a


Agreed to the proposal.