ICU Core Meeting Notes

Jan 17, 2007

Mark Davis
John Emmons
Deborah Goldsmith
Andy Heninger
Eric Mader
Andrew Marcheret
Michael Ow
George Rhoten
Markus Scherer
Tex Texin
Yoshito Umaoka
Ram Viswanadha

Action Items

Number Due Who Description
35 12/6/06 Andy Update the SVN guide with instructions for SVN branch naming conventions
38 01/24/07 George Test the CNV data structure changes with ICU4J and make sure the file is backwards compatible.
41 1/24/07 Yoshito Submit ticket for adding new API to validate timezone IDs
42 1/24/07 Steven Submit ticket for investigating resynch() API for ICU4C

Release Patches for IDNA Bug

The current bug fix contains one new error code that can be considered an API. Patch releases should not contain API additions. Long discussion on the contents of the patch followed.


ICU's getDefault*() methods

The getDefault*() and setDefault*() methods in ICU4C and ICU4J behave differently. ICU4C's methods query the platform at startup time and caches the default values and does not synchronize if  the values are changed. In ICU4J, some APIs synchronize with JDK's values while others do not. There are technical challenges for synchronizing with the platform settings on POSIX type systems. ICU4J is meant to be a replacement for JDK, so the changes in default settings in JDK should be reflected by ICU4J.


Timezone Issues

Please see

Decision (from Yoshito's email):
a. "GMT" can be lower or upper case, or mixed.  Followings are all valid prefix -> "GMT" "gmt" "Gmt" "gmT"...
b. Sign must be '+' or '-' and always required
c. Hours can be represented by single digit or double digit.  The valid range is 0 - 23, either having leading zero for offset < 10 or no leading zero.  RFC822 definition allows hours up to 99, but ICU set its own "practical" limitation.
d. Minutes is optional, but when supplied, it is always 2-digit number.  The valid minutes range is 0 - 59.
e.Colon between hours and minutes is optional.  When no minutes is provided, colon after hours is invalid.
f. No extra characters after the last offset number (either hours/minutes) are allowed.  For example, "GMT+0900J" is invalid.
g. Only US-ASCII digits (U+0030 - U+0039) are used for hours/minutes.