ICU Core Meeting Notes

Jan 10, 2007

Mark Davis
Deborah Goldsmith
Andy Heninger
Eric Mader 
Michael Ow
Markus Scherer
Tex Texin
Yoshito Umaoka
Ram Viswanadha
Vladimir Weinstein

Action Items

Number Due Who Description
35 12/6/06 Andy Update the SVN guide with instructions for SVN branch naming conventions
38 01/22/07 George Test the CNV data structure changes with ICU4J and make sure the file is backwards compatible.
39 01/17/06 Tex, Mark, Deborah, Andy Send a list of bugs that the respective organizations are interested in.
40 01/17/06 Mark Put out a call for participation soliciting code submission from interested parties on the ICU mailing lists.

ICU 3.8 Planning

A modalities of planning ICU 3.8 release with features and bug fixes were discussed.

Key Points:
Reference release     - 3.6.0
Milestone 1              - 3.7.1
Milestone 2              - 3.7.2
Reference Release    - 3.8.0
Maintenance Release  - 3.8.1

ICU Data

Tex: Decouple ICU data and CLDR Release?
Mark, Markus, Vladimir: Very difficult to decouple due to versioning of data and tools.
Tex: People need to be able adopt the changing data quickly  and deploy on live systems
Andy: This is increasingly becoming important for IBM. ICU's achitecture should allow for end user update of data.