ICU Core Meeting Notes

Nov 29, 2006

          Mark Davis
Doug Felt
Deborah Goldsmith
Andy Heninger
Eric Mader 
Michael Ow
Markus Scherer
Yoshito Umaoka
Ram Viswanadha

Action Items

Number Due Who Description
31 11/22/06 Mark,
Look at UnicodeSet and CollectionUtilities,  make a proposal
6 12/1/06 Markus futz around with different options for cnv binary file and report back to the group with recommendation.
35 12/6/06 Andy Update the SVN guide with instructions for SVN branch naming conventions

Subversion and Trac status

Steven: All servers are pretty much ready to go

Execution Plan:
  1. Send a mail to icu-core list about CVS freeze
  2. Freeze CVS by 5:00 PM 11/29/2006
  3. Tag final CVS version
  4. Roll out new version of repository through CVS2SVN
  5. Send a not to all the lists about the change
  6. Remove anonymous CVS access by the end of the year 

Naming Scheme of SVN Branches

Markus: We should utilize the feature branches of SVN extensively so that destabilizing changes can be checked into a branch.
Andy & Steven: Commiters could have their own directories
Steven: Maybe use 2 branches one for features and the other for commiters.


Ticket 5350

Deborah: Rounding in number format and decimal formats is currently problematic.
Discription of the problem followed.
Deborah: ICU4J has been fixed by adding a slop. This is not a correct fix for the problem
Mark: Sounds like a  vast majority of people need the rounding to happen in decimal space and have all the IEEE modes supported. So we can move away from using doubles and stick with only decimals.
Deborah: agree
Andy: Maybe we should use Big Decimal package to do the rounding
Mark: The increment should be applied in binary space and rounding should be done in decimal space
Deborah: Apple's numerics people suggested using BigDecimal too.
Mark: we could do that but there may be regression in performance. We should test the performance and make sure the hit is not large.
Deborah: That sounds like a plan for 3.8 what should we do for 3.6?
Mark: If slop works ok for the current application we could do that.
Deborah: That could work or we could change the DigitList class to do the right thing when half-up rounding is used


Ticket 5416

George: Currently all single threaded applications must link with pthreads library. This is annoying to our users. Ticket 5416 suggests that we change how ICU and there by ICU's applications link with pthread.
Long discussion followed