ICU Core Meeting Notes

Oct. 18, 2006


Mark Davis 
John Emmons
Doug Felt
Deborah Goldsmith
Andy Heninger
Eric Mader 
Michael Ow
Markus Scherer
Christine Smith
Yoshito Umaoka

Action Items

I'm trying something a little different:  Only pending action items are shown, ordered by due date.  No ongoing tasks.  No long-term implementation tasks.  No vague tasks.

Number Due Who Description
35 10/11/06 Andy Document pedigree of ICU license
7 10/18/06 Ram Ram to move internal tools to public repository
17 10/18/06 Ram Ram to check LDML2ICUConverter and respond to Deborah
10/19/06 George Update ICU survey with Mark's suggested revisions.  See notes below.
10/25/06 George Update the company list on  Micromedia, LAS, Paypal, have been acquired; the first 2 need to be dropped and the last changed to eBay. Google needs to be added.
10/25/06 Markus Timezone, check in 2006N data.
Create RFE for test for checking ICU TZ transitions against Olson.
26 ??? Yoshito Check with Eclipse team and evaluate if the wrapper code needs to be updated
31 10/25/06 Mark,
Look at UnicodeSet and Collation Utilities,  make a proposal
32 10/31/06 Steven Restore full functionality to Transliteration Demo.
33 11/15/06 Michael Set up Java on FreeBSD machine
34 11/30/06 Steven SVN updates and staging server setup  [is the due date wrong?]
6 12/1/06 Markus futz around with different options for cnv binary file and report back to the group with recommendation.

The following action items were closed, either because they are complete, or because they are too vague to have a definite completion.  Action items can NOT be ongoing.

Number Due Who Description
10 10/18/06 all Everyone to help test the new server once Steven sends out the instructions.
15 none all Everyone to review the release page and send feedback
22 ongoing Steven Document Transition Process
23 all Everyone to look at trac and send comments. Shooting for mid October transition.

ICU Survey

Mark requests that the ICU core group be consulted before doing things like the ICU survey under the name of  or on behalf of the ICU project.  The consensus is that this is appropriate.

In the survey itself, Mark requests an immediate revision to the last question.  See Mark's email to the ICU Core mailing list from today (10/18) for details and the suggested revision to the questions.  The group agreed to the revisions.   Action for George.

Time Zones

A bug has been identified in ICU that can cause an error in DST transition dates if they occur in the last week of February.

The bug has been triggered (for the first known time) by the 2006N TZ update, which contains new data for Brazil.  The plan of action is
  1. Markus will check in the new data.  It will work correctly for 2008, but fail for 2009.
  2. Markus and Deborah will find and fix the bug in ICU (where ever it is, tools or library).
  3. Markus will submit a feature request for ICU tests that check our results against Olson results.