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International Components for Unicode



ICU4JNI contains Java Native Interface wrappers for ICU4C's character set conversion and collation libraries. These wrappers were used to provide increased performace of conversion and collation, and complete compatibility with ICU4C.

Please note that ICU4JNI is not being actively developed, and that ICU4J itself now contains high-performance pure Java implementations of conversion and collation, and so ICU4JNI is not recommended for new development.


Release ICU4JNI Major Changes
ICU 3.6 3.6 Unicode 5.0 update, UCA 5.0 update, CLDR 1.4 update, ICU4C charset detection, improved ICU4C break iterator
ICU 3.4 3.4 Unicode 4.1 update, CLDR 1.3 update, ICU4J charset detection, ICU4C high performance text access
ICU 3.2 3.2 CLDR 1.2 integration.