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International Components for Unicode

Download ICU 4.4 Release


ICU is the premier library for software internationalization. ICU 4.4 is a major release of ICU, with new features, new APIs, and many bug fixes in data and code.

Major changes in ICU 4.4 since ICU 4.2 include the following:

  • Common Changes
    • Unicode 5.2 support. (#7084, #7108, #7151,is available #7243)
    • CLDR 1.8 data - over 22% more data, with many new locales. (#7356, #7431)
    • Normalizer2 - for fast, flexible normalization, paving the way for UTS #46 support of international domain names. (#7273)
    • Optimized resource bundle format to reduce the ICU resource bundle installation footprint.(#6945)
    • Hebrew calendar month numbering improvement. (#4547)
    • Finer granular ICU locale resource data packaging. (#7232)
    • SelectFormat - for selecting a translation by a keyword among multiple alternatives when formatting messages. (#3931)
    • Flexible hour pattern handling in DateFormatPatternGenerator. (#6830)
    • Updated LMBCS converter implementation. (#7156)
    • EBCDIC converter enhancement for supporting various SI/SO codes used by non-IBM mainframes. (#7138)
    • 64bit time zone transition data support. (#5624)
  • ICU4C Specific Changes
    • Regular Expressions support UText - allowing regular expressions to work on large or discontiguous text (Technology Preview). (#4521)
    • DecimalFormat support for big decimal numbers. (#5193)
    • ICU Plug-ins - for packaging a specific ICU servce as plug-in and calling different versions of plug-ins in a same environment (Technology Preview). (#6633)
    • C++ public smart pointers. (#7245)
    • Java modified UTF-8 support. (#7344)
    • Improved UnicodeString substring operations. (#7295)
    • New usearch options to control matching of collation elements. (#7093)
  • ICU4J Specific Changes
    • Java 5 syntax migration - supporting generics, co-variant type support and others. (#6951)
    • New source structure for supporting better componentization. (#6951)
    • Lazy UCharacter inner class initialization. (#7095)
    • UnicodeSet: Freezing a set makes contains(code point), containsNone (String) etc. faster, and make the new span() and spanBack() functions fast for text processing. (#2007)

Common Updates in ICU 4.4.1:

Common Updates in ICU 4.4.2:

  • Update LMBCS mapping table (#7927)
  • Time zone data 2010l

ICU4C Download


ICU4C 4.4.2 (2010-10-01)

ICU4C Source Code Download

In addition to these .tar and .zip files, the code is also tagged in the source repository with release-4-4-2

Verify File Size Description 3.8 MB ZIP file with the API documentation
icu4c-4_4_2-src.tgz 15.7 MB gzipped tar archive for Unix and other platforms 16.8 MB ZIP file for Windows platforms
[MD5] icu4c-src-4_4_2.md5 163 B MD5 hashes
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ICU4C Binary Download

Here are the binary distributions of the ICU libraries on our reference platforms.

Verify File Size Description
icu4c-4_4_2-AIX6_1-VA9.tgz 9.3 MB AIX 6.1 (PowerPC 64-bit) VisualAge 9
icu4c-4_4_2-RHEL5-i386.tgz 10.4 MB File of unknown type
icu4c-4_4_2-RHEL52-x64.tgz 10.4 MB Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 (x86 64-bit)
icu4c-4_4_2-Solaris10-CC.tgz 8.7 MB Solaris 10 (Sparc 64-bit) Forte 12 7.8 MB Windows (win32 x86 32-bit) Visual Studio 9 7.9 MB Windows (win32 x86 64-bit) Visual Studio 9
[MD5] icu4c-bin-4_4_2.md5 370 B MD5 hashes

A list of API changes between ICU4C 4.2.1 and ICU4C 4.4 is available here.
A list of API changes between ICU4C 4.4 and ICU4C 4.4.2 is available here (no changes).

Known Issues (still present in ICU 4.4.2)

  • #8011 - ICU4C 4.4.2 source/test/intltest/numfmtst.cpp fails to build with gcc 4.5.1. Click here for a patch
  • intltest will not function on EBCDIC platforms such as IBM i and IBM z. cintltst and iotest should pass. (#7502)
  • ICU samples, as well as the uconv application, will not compile correctly on IBM z when only static libraries are built.
  • The icu-config output for library linking is incorrect for IBM z.

ICU4C 4.4 Issues Fixed in the 4.4.2 Release

  • #7654 Difference between Java and C implementation with exponent characters
  • #7891 u_fflush (and thus u_fclose) not flushing stateful converter
  • #7911 unum_parseInt64 is not giving proper error
  • #7969 Missing header files in Windows build

ICU4C 4.4 Issues Fixed in the 4.4.1 Release

  • #7549 Getting extra characters when displaying Japanese Unicode characters
  • #7567 ICU4C 4.4 doesn't install needed by icuinfo
  • #7580 icu-config yields unusable output
  • #7615 Static build fails on Debian GNU/Linux Lenny (5.0.4)
  • #7617 #include before platform.h (in ptypes.h) to fix endian issues
  • #7629 Cygwin build not installing correctly
  • #7651 Regex crash due to writing past end of buffer

Older ICU4C 4.4 Releases

Here are link(s) to the older ICU4C 4.4.x releases.

Version Description
4.4 First release (2010-03-17)
4.4.1 Maintenance release 1 (2010-04-28)

ICU4J Download


ICU4J (2011-08-24)

ICU4J Download

In addition to these .jar files, the code is also tagged in the source repository with release-4-4-2-2

Verify File Size Description
icu4j-4_4_2_2-docs.jar 1.7 MB Jar file containing the documentation.
icu4j-4_4_2_2-src.jar 14.2 MB Jar file containing the core Java source files.
icu4j-4_4_2_2.jar 6.2 MB Jar file containing core binaries.
[MD5] icu4j-4_4_2_2.md5 288 B MD5 hashes
icu4j-charsets-4_4_2_2.jar 2.2 MB Jar file containing Charset converter binaries.
icu4j-localespi-4_4_2_2.jar 48 KB Jar file containing locale SPI implementations.

A list of API changes in ICU4J 4.4 since 4.2.1 is available here.

ICU4J 4.4 Issues Fixed in the Release

  • Java 7 Locale support back ported from the trunk
    • #8078 Locale mapping with script and extensions
    • #8630 Locale category (DISPLAY/FORMAT) support
  • Other Fixes
    • #6408 DecimalFormat fraction digit problem with rounding + BigDecimal
    • #8419 In IndianCalendar, the add operation performs like roll
    • #8484 endless loop in RuleBasedCollator.getSortKeyBytes
    • #8549 UTF-7 error handling consumes too many valid subsequent chars
    • #8569 UTF-7 missing terminating shift character
    • #8596 GregorianCalendar.getActualMaximum(Calendar.WEEK_OF_YEAR) returns 52 when it should return 53
    • #8624 ucol_getSortKey+strncmp and ucol_strcoll give different comparison result

ICU4J 4.4 Issues Fixed in the Release

  • #7201 Transliterator is not thread safe
  • #7480 Wrong year from SimpleDateFormat.parse()
  • #7690 OlsonTimeZone.hashCode() throws NullPointerException
  • #7880 Race in VersionInfo.getInstance()
  • #8275 ICU4J Locale service returns incorrect result with unsupported class loader protocol
  • #8283 ICU4J MessageFormat should use varargs in format method
  • #8258 Avoid UnicodeSet constructors taking String pattern when all code points are known
  • #8259 Use Java StringTokenizer instead of ICU in ICUResourceBundle and VTimeZone

ICU4J 4.4 Issues Fixed in the 4.4.2 Release

  • #7922 ICU4J charset converter aliases do not work on z/OS
  • #7941 CopticTest/Test6379 failure

ICU4J 4.4 Issues Fixed in the Release

  • #7765 ICU4J 4.4 fails to load available locales on WebSphere

ICU4J 4.4 Issues Fixed in the 4.4.1 Release

  • #7395 gatherapi tool doesn't handle 'synthetic' methods
  • #7594 Serialization CoverageTest is broken in ICU 4.4
  • #7595 SimpleDateFormat fails to handle very long field patterns

Older ICU4J 4.4 Releases

Here are link(s) to the older ICU4C 4.4.x releases.

Version Description
4.4 First release (2010-03-17)
4.4.1 Maintenance release 1 (2010-04-28) Maintenance release 1 patch 1 (2010-06-23)
4.4.2 Maintenance release 2 (2010-10-01) Maintenance release 2 patch 1 (2011-07-01)