Character Functionalities Comparison Chart

This table lists down the differences between the character functions provided by ICU, ICU4J and JDK.

In the case where ICU and JDK supports the same functionality, ICU has a more updated implementation that is Unicode conformant.

Public in the current release
Not public or not available in the current release

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Functions ICU4C 3.8 ICU4J 3.8 JDK 6
UnicodeData support 
General category property support unicode/uchar.h java.lang.Character
Unicode code point numeric value representation unicode/uchar.h partial support, java.lang.Character does not have support for fractional and negative numeric values
Conversion from a digit to its Unicode code point representation unicode/uchar.h java.lang.Character
Case determination and conversion unicode/uchar.h java.lang.Character
Bidirection property unicode/uchar.h java.lang.Character
Mirror property unicode/uchar.h java.lang.Character
Normalization property unicode/uchar.h internal
Unicode name unicode/uchar.h not available
ISO 10646 comment unicode/uchar.h not available
East Asian width unicode/uchar.h not available
Unicode block property unicode/uchar.h
Unicode script property unicode/uscript.h not available
Derived Unicode character property support unicode/uchar.h not available