Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
AnnualTimeZoneRuleAnnualTimeZoneRule is a class used for representing a time zone rule which takes effect annually
BasicTimeZoneBasicTimeZone is an abstract class extending TimeZone
BreakIteratorImplements methods for finding the location of boundaries in text
ByteSinkA ByteSink can be filled with bytes
CalendarCalendar is an abstract base class for converting between a UDate object and a set of integer fields such as YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, and so on
CanonicalIteratorThis class allows one to iterate through all the strings that are canonically equivalent to a given string
CEListDefine this to enable the StringList objects to collect statistics
CharacterIteratorAbstract class that defines an API for iteration on text objects
CheckedArrayByteSinkImplementation of ByteSink that writes to a flat byte array, with bounds-checking: This sink will not write more than capacity bytes to outbuf
ChoiceFormatChoiceFormat converts between ranges of numeric values and string names for those ranges
CollationElementIteratorUsed as an iterator to walk through each character of an international string
CollationKeyCollation keys are generated by the Collator class
CollatorThe Collator class performs locale-sensitive string comparison
CollatorFactoryA factory, used with registerFactory, the creates multiple collators and provides display names for them
CurrencyAmountA currency together with a numeric amount, such as 200 USD
CurrencyPluralInfoThis class represents the information needed by DecimalFormat to format currency plural, such as "3.00 US dollars" or "1.00 US dollar"
CurrencyUnitA unit of currency, such as USD (U.S
DateFormatDateFormat is an abstract class for a family of classes that convert dates and times from their internal representations to textual form and back again in a language-independent manner
DateFormatSymbolsDateFormatSymbols is a public class for encapsulating localizable date-time formatting data -- including timezone data
DateIntervalThis class represents a date interval
DateIntervalFormatDateIntervalFormat is a class for formatting and parsing date intervals in a language-independent manner
DateIntervalInfoDateIntervalInfo is a public class for encapsulating localizable date time interval patterns
DateTimePatternGeneratorThis class provides flexible generation of date format patterns, like "yy-MM-dd"
DateTimeRuleDateTimeRule is a class representing a time in a year by a rule specified by month, day of month, day of week and time in the day
DecimalFormatDecimalFormat is a concrete subclass of NumberFormat that formats decimal numbers
DecimalFormatSymbolsThis class represents the set of symbols needed by DecimalFormat to format numbers
ErrorCodeWrapper class for UErrorCode, with conversion operators for direct use in ICU C and C++ APIs
FieldPositionFieldPosition is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to identify fields in formatted output
FieldPositionIteratorFieldPositionIterator returns the field ids and their start/limit positions generated by a call to Format::format
FilteredNormalizer2Normalization filtered by a UnicodeSet
FontRunsThe FontRuns class associates pointers to LEFontInstance objects with runs of text
FormatBase class for all formats
FormattableFormattable objects can be passed to the Format class or its subclasses for formatting
ForwardCharacterIteratorAbstract class that defines an API for forward-only iteration on text objects
GregorianCalendarConcrete class which provides the standard calendar used by most of the world
InitialTimeZoneRuleInitialTimeZoneRule represents a time zone rule representing a time zone effective from the beginning and has no actual start times
LayoutEngineThis is a virtual base class used to do complex text layout
LECharMapperInstances of this class are used by LEFontInstance::mapCharsToGlyphs and LEFontInstance::mapCharToGlyph to adjust character codes before the character to glyph mapping process
LEFontInstanceThis is a virtual base class that serves as the interface between a LayoutEngine and the platform font environment
LEGlyphStorageThis class encapsulates the per-glyph storage used by the ICU LayoutEngine
LEPointUsed to hold a pair of (x, y) values which represent a point
LESwapsThis class is used to access data which stored in big endian order regardless of the conventions of the platform
ParagraphLayout::LineThis class represents a single line of text in a ParagraphLayout
LocaleA Locale object represents a specific geographical, political, or cultural region
LocaleDisplayNamesReturns display names of Locales and components of Locales
LocaleRunsThe LocaleRuns class associates pointers to Locale objects with runs of text
MeasureAn amount of a specified unit, consisting of a number and a Unit
MeasureFormatA formatter for measure objects
MeasureUnitA unit such as length, mass, volume, currency, etc
MessageFormatMessageFormat produces concatenated messages in a language-neutral way
NormalizerSupports the standard normalization forms described in Unicode Standard Annex #15: Unicode Normalization Forms
Normalizer2Unicode normalization functionality for standard Unicode normalization or for using custom mapping tables
NumberFormatAbstract base class for all number formats
NumberFormatFactoryA NumberFormatFactory is used to register new number formats
NumberingSystemDefines numbering systems
ParsePositionParsePosition is a simple class used by Format and its subclasses to keep track of the current position during parsing
PluralRulesDefines rules for mapping positive long values onto a small set of keywords
RegexMatcherClass RegexMatcher bundles together a reular expression pattern and input text to which the expression can be applied
RegexPatternClass RegexPattern represents a compiled regular expression
ReplaceableReplaceable is an abstract base class representing a string of characters that supports the replacement of a range of itself with a new string of characters
ResourceBundleA class representing a collection of resource information pertaining to a given locale
RuleBasedBreakIteratorA subclass of BreakIterator whose behavior is specified using a list of rules
RuleBasedCollatorSimple implementation of Collator, using data-driven tables
RuleBasedNumberFormatFormats numbers according to a set of rules
RuleBasedTimeZoneBasicTimeZone subclass implemented in terms of InitialTimeZoneRule and TimeZoneRule instances
RunArrayThe RunArray class is a base class for building classes which represent data that is associated with runs of text
SearchIteratorSearchIterator is an abstract base class that provides methods to search for a pattern within a text string
SimpleDateFormatSimpleDateFormat is a concrete class for formatting and parsing dates in a language-independent manner
SimpleNumberFormatFactoryA NumberFormatFactory that supports a single locale
SimpleTimeZoneSimpleTimeZone is a concrete subclass of TimeZone that represents a time zone for use with a Gregorian calendar
StringByteSink< StringClass >Implementation of ByteSink that writes to a "string"
StringCharacterIteratorA concrete subclass of CharacterIterator that iterates over the characters (code units or code points) in a UnicodeString
StringEnumerationBase class for 'pure' C++ implementations of uenum api
StringPieceA string-like object that points to a sized piece of memory
StringSearchStringSearch is a SearchIterator that provides language-sensitive text searching based on the comparison rules defined in a RuleBasedCollator object
SymbolTableAn interface that defines both lookup protocol and parsing of symbolic names
TimeArrayTimeZoneRuleTimeArrayTimeZoneRule represents a time zone rule whose start times are defined by an array of milliseconds since the standard base time
TimeUnitMeasurement unit for time units
TimeUnitAmountExpress a duration as a time unit and number
TimeUnitFormatFormat or parse a TimeUnitAmount, using plural rules for the units where available
TimeZoneTimeZone represents a time zone offset, and also figures out daylight savings
TimeZoneRuleTimeZoneRule is a class representing a rule for time zone
TimeZoneTransitionTimeZoneTransition is a class representing a time zone transition
Transliterator::TokenA context integer or pointer for a factory function, passed by value
TransliteratorTransliterator is an abstract class that transliterates text from one format to another
UCharCharacterIteratorA concrete subclass of CharacterIterator that iterates over the characters (code units or code points) in a UChar array
UCharIteratorC API for code unit iteration
UConverterFromUnicodeArgsThe structure for the fromUnicode callback function parameter
UConverterToUnicodeArgsThe structure for the toUnicode callback function parameter
UDataInfoUDataInfo contains the properties about the requested data
UFieldPositionA struct representing a range of text containing a specific field
UMemoryUMemory is the common ICU base class
UnicodeFilterUnicodeFilter defines a protocol for selecting a subset of the full range (U+0000 to U+10FFFF) of Unicode characters
UnicodeFunctorUnicodeFunctor is an abstract base class for objects that perform match and/or replace operations on Unicode strings
UnicodeMatcherUnicodeMatcher defines a protocol for objects that can match a range of characters in a Replaceable string
UnicodeReplacerUnicodeReplacer defines a protocol for objects that replace a range of characters in a Replaceable string with output text
UnicodeSetA mutable set of Unicode characters and multicharacter strings
UnicodeSetIteratorUnicodeSetIterator iterates over the contents of a UnicodeSet
UnicodeStringUnicodeString is a string class that stores Unicode characters directly and provides similar functionality as the Java String and StringBuffer classes
UObjectUObject is the common ICU "boilerplate" class
UParseErrorA UParseError struct is used to returned detailed information about parsing errors
UReplaceableCallbacksA set of function pointers that transliterators use to manipulate a UReplaceable
USerializedSetA serialized form of a Unicode set
UTextUText struct
UTextFuncs(public) Function dispatch table for UText
UTransPositionPosition structure for utrans_transIncremental() incremental transliteration
ValueRunsThe ValueRuns class associates integer values with runs of text
ParagraphLayout::VisualRunThis object represents a single visual run in a line of text in a paragraph
VTimeZoneVTimeZone is a class implementing RFC2445 VTIMEZONE
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