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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCicu::EnumSet< T, minValue, limitValue >Enum bitset for boolean fields
oCicu::LECharMapperInstances of this class are used by LEFontInstance::mapCharsToGlyphs and LEFontInstance::mapCharToGlyph to adjust character codes before the character to glyph mapping process
oCLEPointUsed to hold a pair of (x, y) values which represent a point
oCicu::LESwapsThis class is used to access data which stored in big endian order regardless of the conventions of the platform
oCicu::LocalPointerBase< T >"Smart pointer" base class; do not use directly: use LocalPointer etc
|oCicu::LocalArray< T >"Smart pointer" class, deletes objects via the C++ array delete[] operator
|\Cicu::LocalPointer< T >"Smart pointer" class, deletes objects via the standard C++ delete operator
oCLocalUBiDiPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UBiDi via ubidi_close()
oCLocalUBreakIteratorPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UBreakIterator via ubrk_close()
oCLocalUCalendarPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UCalendar via ucal_close()
oCLocalUCaseMapPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UCaseMap via ucasemap_close()
oCLocalUCharsetDetectorPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UCharsetDetector via ucsdet_close()
oCLocalUCollatorPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UCollator via ucol_close()
oCLocalUConverterPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UConverter via ucnv_close()
oCLocalUConverterSelectorPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UConverterSelector via ucnvsel_close()
oCLocalUDataMemoryPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UDataMemory via udata_close()
oCLocalUDateFormatPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UDateFormat via udat_close()
oCLocalUDateIntervalFormatPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UDateIntervalFormat via udtitvfmt_close()
oCLocalUDateTimePatternGeneratorPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UDateTimePatternGenerator via udatpg_close()
oCLocalUEnumerationPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UEnumeration via uenum_close()
oCLocalUFieldPositionIteratorPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UFieldPositionIterator via ufieldpositer_close()
oCLocalUFILEPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UFILE via u_fclose()
oCLocalUFormattablePointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UFormattable via ufmt_close()
oCLocalUIDNAPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UIDNA via uidna_close()
oCLocalUListFormatterPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UListFormatter via ulistfmt_close()
oCLocalULocaleDataPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a ULocaleData via ulocdata_close()
oCLocalULocaleDisplayNamesPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a ULocaleDisplayNames via uldn_close()
oCLocalUMessageFormatPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UMessageFormat via umsg_close()
oCLocalUNormalizer2Pointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UNormalizer2 via unorm2_close()
oCLocalUNumberFormatPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UNumberFormat via unum_close()
oCLocalUNumberingSystemPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UNumberingSystem via unumsys_close()
oCLocalUPluralRulesPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UPluralRules via uplrules_close()
oCLocalURegularExpressionPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a URegularExpression via uregex_close()
oCLocalURelativeDateTimeFormatterPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a URelativeDateTimeFormatter via ureldatefmt_close()
oCLocalUResourceBundlePointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UResourceBundle via ures_close()
oCLocalUSetPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a USet via uset_close()
oCLocalUSpoofCheckerPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a USpoofChecker via uspoof_close()
oCLocalUStringPrepProfilePointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UStringPrepProfile via usprep_close()
oCLocalUStringSearchPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UStringSearch via usearch_close()
oCLocalUTextPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UText via utext_close()
oCLocalUTransliteratorPointer"Smart pointer" class, closes a UTransliterator via utrans_close()
oCicu::SymbolTableAn interface that defines both lookup protocol and parsing of symbolic names
oCicu::Transliterator::TokenA context integer or pointer for a factory function, passed by value
oCUCharIteratorC API for code unit iteration
oCUConverterFromUnicodeArgsThe structure for the fromUnicode callback function parameter
oCUConverterToUnicodeArgsThe structure for the toUnicode callback function parameter
oCUDataInfoUDataInfo contains the properties about the requested data
oCUFieldPositionA struct representing a range of text containing a specific field
oCUIDNAInfoOutput container for IDNA processing errors
oCicu::UMemoryUMemory is the common ICU base class
|oCicu::AlphabeticIndex::RecordA (name, data) pair, to be sorted by name into one of the index buckets
|oCicu::ByteSinkA ByteSink can be filled with bytes
|oCicu::BytesTrieLight-weight, non-const reader class for a BytesTrie
|oCicu::BytesTrie::IteratorIterator for all of the (byte sequence, value) pairs in a BytesTrie
|oCicu::BytesTrie::StateBytesTrie state object, for saving a trie's current state and resetting the trie back to this state later
|oCicu::ErrorCodeWrapper class for UErrorCode, with conversion operators for direct use in ICU C and C++ APIs
|oCicu::IDNAInfoOutput container for IDNA processing errors
|oCicu::MessagePattern::PartA message pattern "part", representing a pattern parsing event
|oCicu::SimpleFormatterFormats simple patterns like "{1} was born in {0}"
|oCicu::StringPieceA string-like object that points to a sized piece of memory
|oCicu::TimeZoneNames::MatchInfoCollectionMatchInfoCollection represents a collection of time zone name matches used by TimeZoneNames#find
|oCicu::UCharsTrieLight-weight, non-const reader class for a UCharsTrie
|oCicu::UCharsTrie::IteratorIterator for all of the (string, value) pairs in a UCharsTrie
|oCicu::UCharsTrie::StateUCharsTrie state object, for saving a trie's current state and resetting the trie back to this state later
|\Cicu::UObjectUObject is the common ICU "boilerplate" class
oCicu::UnicodeMatcherUnicodeMatcher defines a protocol for objects that can match a range of characters in a Replaceable string
|\Cicu::UnicodeFilterUnicodeFilter defines a protocol for selecting a subset of the full range (U+0000 to U+10FFFF) of Unicode characters
oCicu::UnicodeReplacerUnicodeReplacer defines a protocol for objects that replace a range of characters in a Replaceable string with output text
oCUParseErrorA UParseError struct is used to returned detailed information about parsing errors
oCUReplaceableCallbacksA set of function pointers that transliterators use to manipulate a UReplaceable
oCUSerializedSetA serialized form of a Unicode set
oCUTextUText struct
oCUTextFuncs(public) Function dispatch table for UText
\CUTransPositionPosition structure for utrans_transIncremental() incremental transliteration