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Public Member Functions
icu::EnumSet< T, minValue, limitValue > Class Template Reference

enum bitset for boolean fields. More...

#include <enumset.h>

Public Member Functions

 EnumSet (const EnumSet< T, minValue, limitValue > &other)
void clear ()
void add (T toAdd)
void remove (T toRemove)
int32_t contains (T toCheck) const
void set (T toSet, int32_t v)
int32_t get (T toCheck) const
UBool isValidEnum (T toCheck) const
UBool isValidValue (int32_t v) const
const EnumSet< T, minValue, limitValue > & operator= (const EnumSet< T, minValue, limitValue > &other)
uint32_t getAll () const

Detailed Description

template<typename T, uint32_t minValue, uint32_t limitValue>
class icu::EnumSet< T, minValue, limitValue >

enum bitset for boolean fields.

Similar to Java EnumSet<>. Needs to range check. Used for private instance variables.

Do not use. This API is for internal use only.

Definition at line 33 of file enumset.h.

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